The activists turned to Lady Gaga for the protection of the right to identity


As you may know recently in some Eastern European countries state authorities are encroaching the sovereignty of the person trying to limit his or her right to identity.
Now the recognition f the fact that it is possible to love not only the opposite sex, may be followed by the administrative or even criminal prosecution.

The person who would like to talk with students about the civil actions becomes a propagandist of "nontraditional values," a representative of the informal youth subculture becomes an "extremist", a human rights or civil society activist - a "foreign agent" and agent of West (East, South or North – is an only option).

People are being labeled only due to fact that they have an alternative way of life, incomprehensible to most of society, but not constituting any danger to the lives of others. This makes it impossible to live open and easy with an “unusual” identity (either as gay, vegetarian, pank, anarchist or ecological activist).

Such initiatives are the state invasion to freedom of self-determination of every person's own choice and identity. We can no longer define ourselves freely - now the law and the opinion of the majority will determine what we are allowed to be in this society.

We act on behalf of the International Youth Human Rights Movement, the Youth Network against Racism and Intolerance, the International Youth Human Rights Education and Civil Enlightenment Network and Russian LGBT Network - organizations that for many years have been working for protection of the right to self-determination and have been constantly facing these absurd laws, the actions of the authorities and with multivalued reaction of the society.

We consider that the consciousness and recognition of our inner fears and desire to control people is primary. We want to control our fears and not let our fears to control us. One of the actions against the manifestations of totalitarianism is to declare the personal identity (or identities) and to assert our right to it!

We are convinced that the identity is multifaceted and cannot be reduced to any given set of options.

We are aware of your active role in protecting human rights of minorities in many different countries.

We also know about your ideas of search for identity and the need to preserve its unicity.

That is why we turn to you for public support of our efforts and actions. We believe that your public appearance at a concert on December 12 in Moscow with a speech in defense of the Right to Identity can influence public opinion. This symbolic step will be an important gesture of support for all of us.