Campaign “Against Article 6.13.1” in Russia

On December 19, 2012, the State Duma of the Russian Federation will consider in the first reading a draft law banning the so-called “propaganda of homosexualism” nationally.


Anti-discrimination policies in Russia: a fairy tale or reality?

On the 12th of October took place meeting of experts titled “Perspectives of anti-discriminatory politics development in Russia”. The event was organized by international Youth Human Rights Movement and United for Intercultural Action in the framework of common 3 years lasting project “Civil organisations serving society: youth actions against racism, nationalism and xenophobia and for Human Rights and inter-cultural dialogue”.


Last weekend in Voronezh took place a seminar called “Civil educational work with a help of media-forms and methods”

During 3 days all participants together with Olga Skripnik from Center of Civil Education “Almienda” (Yalta, Ukraine) and members of Youth Human Rights Movement learnt how to assimilate media-texts by methods of organization of cinema clubs and conducting discussions after cinema shows.


“Development of international civil initiatives against racism and violence in Russia and Russian-speaking countries”, Voronezh, 27-30 November 2011

In the last years there appeared a great deal of approaches, methods and ideas in respond to xenophobia and discrimination, the rise of nationalism, and failure of multiculturalism ideology that present different views on how to oppose these challenges. All these ideas are based on different understandings of the world and social and educational work. Very often they are developed in closed teams, separate organizations and are practiced independently. 


Second study visit on anti-fascism finished in the Netherlands

A second study visit to the Netherlands on anti-racism and anti-fascism finished last week. The organizers of this tour for the young Russian activists were the European Network Against Racism (UNITED for Intercultural Action), the International Youth Human Rights Movement (YHRM) and the Youth Network against Racism and Intolerance (YNRI).

As well as last year, the main purpose of the visit was to explore new techniques, tactics and strategies of the anti-fascist and anti-racist actions, and to compare Russian and Dutch experience of civic engagement.